Mayfair Area Guide

Mayfair is at the very heart of the prime Central London residential market. There are many businesses, hotels, restaurants and bars as well as shopping in Oxford Street and Regent Street to the north and east, but its character and convenience make it one of London’s most desirable – and therefore most expensive – places to live. Spacious apartments in mansion blocks built in Victorian (1837 – 1901) and Edwardian (1901 – 1910) times, now cost from £2million to £10million. These complement the four and five storey traditional London town houses – often in the quieter streets – which range in price from £4m to over £12million, and occasionally more. Transport links are excellent, with underground stations on all sides and London Buses usually a short walk away. The vast expanse of Hyde Park to the west is a delightful recreational area away from the hustle and bustle of London’s streets.

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